Architecture - Planning - Implementation

Performance - High Availability - Streaming

Concepts - Migration - Replication

Data Analysis - Machine Learning



Architecture, Administration, Cluster, Performance, Big Databases. Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL.


Database Management in the Cloud. Migration to Cloud, Replication between Clound and on-Premisses.

Streaming and Replication

Real Time Replication and Streaming. Oracle Golden Gate, HVR-Software, Apache Kafka.

Engineered Systems

Architecture and Administration. Oracle Exadata, ODA, ZFS, Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA).

Data Science

Data Analysis, Data Modelling, Data Capture. R, Python, NumPy, Pandas.

Machine Learning

Supervised and unsupervised learning. Deep Learning.



Oracle 19c/20c 

Das umfassende Praxis-Handbuch

Will be available in January 2021 from MITP-Verlag

This book covers planning, use and administration of Oracle databases comprehensively and includes Long Term Release 19c and version 20c with its new features. The author conveys all the content that is important both for an introduction and for advanced use.

The focus is on the representation of public and private cloud for Oracle databases as well as in-memory technology. The book supports you in the preparation and implementation of the migration to the cloud, the administration of public and private cloud as well as databases that run on-premises. Current topics such as data science and machine learning are also taken into account.

The book is adressed to database administrators, system consultants and architects and, last but not least, developers of Oracle applications. It is is also intended for beginners who already have basic knowledge of IT and want to begin to familiarize themselves with the world of Oracle. The book is an introduction, a manual and a reference for everyone who works with Oracle databases.`

All programs and scripts are available for download


Praxisbuch für Administratoren und Entwickler

Published by Hanser-Fachbuch-Verlag

 If you as an administrator, developer or IT-/system architect want to use PostgreSQL 14 professionally and successfully in practice, you will find the right support in this book.
It provides administrators with instructions for daily database operation as well as detailed information and practical tips on topics such as backup and recovery, security and monitoring, performance tuning and high availability. Another focus is the replication from and to other database systems.

IT architects, system designers and IT managers learn how PostgreSQL can be cost-effectively placed in an existing IT infrastructure and effectively combined with other database systems, such as Oracle. Developers learn how to create robust and high-performance database applications and also receive a practical guide for migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL.
Separate chapters are devoted to PostgreSQL in the cloud and large databases.

All programs and scripts are available for download .
Additional information: Hanser Fachbuch-Verlag 
The book contains an update service for new versions.